FAQs about the mambi 2015-2016 Design Team | me & my BIG ideas

The mambi Design Team CALL is now OPEN and very active! You can view the original post on it HERE. The submissions so far have all been pretty impressive and I don't know how we're going to narrow it down. Like, really. There are some talented crafters out there.

The last day for submissions is Sunday, September 13th (so you still have a couple of weeks), but in the meantime, here is a list of Frequently Asked Questions that I've been receiving since the OPEN CALL went live:

How long is one expected to be a member of the me & my BIG ideas Design Team?

  • The Design Team runs for a whole year so October 2015 - October 2016.

How many people are going to be picked for the Design Team? Same as last year?

  • Last year's Design Team was 9 members-strong; this year we're going to access our submissions and see what number we're comfortable with.

Can we apply for two or more of the Specialty Teams?

  • Yes, but please keep in mind you are required to submit 2 projects a month per team you are on. 

You mentioned that the selected team members are required to submit two+ projects each month. Does this mean they will need to ship the actual projects to you or will they just take a photo of them?

  • The two+ projects per month would get to me via photos you've already taken of the projects.  You most often won't be mailing me any of your actual work, but if the situation arrises where we'd want the actual project for a trade show or something, we would ask for your permission and pay you for it.

The two monthly blog / social media posts - Is this on the mambi blog? Would we need to write up the content for mambi blog, or is it okay to just post to our own blog/social media?

  • The two monthly blog / social media posts would handled by you the exact same way you already post projects on your blog.  This part about your project sharing would not change...just an extra link to us in the blog post or an extra "@meandmybigideas" in the IG post.  We would take care of the project's presence here on the mambi blog, and link to your post on the project and send traffic your way.

What type of projects should I submit for my entry?

  • Any crafting that you're proud of, we encourage you to submit.  The team here at mambi just wants to get a feel for your style and skill set.

Is the Design Team call open to us digital scrappers too?

  • Unfortunely no.  At this point in time, mambi does not offer any digital versions of our product, so there would be none available for all you fabulous digital scrappers to use.  This is definitely something we will be looking into.

Is the Design Team call open to internationals?

  • We encourage everyone from anywhere to enter.

What do you mean by 'active mambi promotion'?

  • By 'active mambi promotion' we mean regularly using our product on your projects in a way that will inspire others to want to use them too.  Then you'd either link the product(s) you used to its location in our online shop, or promote us by linking to our blog.

I hope this post filled in some of the blanks from the original Design Team OPEN CALL post.  If there are still questions or concerns, feel free to send them in an e-mail to amanda@meandmybigideas.com for a prompt response.