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So much crafty viewing pleasure happens when you look up the #meandmybigideas hashtag on instagram! (TIP: make sure to spell 'and' since hashtagging doesn't register the ampersand '&' symbol.) 

Today I'm excited to give you a round up of instagram images featuring all kinds of ways to use the jumbo mambiSTICKS clear stickers.

They are some of my favorite mambi products to date. The vibrant colors, the high quality foil and glitter on some of them, and the SIZE.  Size matters, people...especially when you want to make a big, bold statement of positivity! Yes!

...and BONUS: there are limitless ways you can use them.  Stick them on your wall, mirror, door, inside a frame, or above your light switch to create instant, eye-catching DIY decor. Use them to adorn your fridge, laptop, notebook, or phone, and they make a great statement piece to any POCKET PAGES™ layout.

We'd love to see the creative ways you guys are using your #JUMBOmambiSTICKS and your insta might be featured in our next #meandmybigideas on IG post. Also be sure to tag all of your projects and crafts using mambi product with the hashtag #meandmybigideas as well. Hooray and happy crafting!

Jumbo Sticker DIY Binder

Jen Randall and her daughter did a great quick DIY project using the new jumbo stickers. Her daughter needed a new binder for school so they grabbed an inexpensive 1 inch binder and decided to give it a little mambi magic makeover.  It was very "blah" just plain white.  So, they chose a jumbo sticker from the Inspirational pack that they thought would work best.  Then they mounted it on a pretty yellow 12 x 12 sheet from the Mixed Media paper pad, taped that onto an aqua paper from the Cool Kids paper pad to give it some contrast.  Jen's daughter choose the darling white & yellow polka dotted paper from that same pad to use as the base, she has good taste, just like her talented mother.  Jen cut it to the size needed to slip into the binder sleeve easily.  After they put it all together they added some fun sparkly stickers from the Teal & Green chipboard mambiCHIPS.  Finally, they slipped it into the binder sleeve. Now, it's SUPER cute and ready for school!! 

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I used the entire JUMBO sticker pack!

I'm so excited, the new jumbo mambiSTICKS™ are now in Michael's Stores and Crafts Direct!  I decided to show EVERY sticker being used.  There are eight pages of stickers and there are SOOOO many options of things to create.  Check them all out!  

1.  'You are exactly where you are supposed to be' - I simply put this jumbo sticker on the front of a kraft journal.  A fun way to decorate and personalize your notebooks and journals.

2.  'Make your own luck' - I took a foil sheet from our neon & kraft mambiSHEET™ paper pad and put it on a wooden plaque I got at Michaels.  I then put a piece of the kraft paper from the same pad and then stuck on the sticker, some twine and a soft spoken™ embellishment.  Done! A 10 minute St. Patrick's Day craft.  Honestly, you could even take off the clover and leave it up all year round. 

3.  'Enjoy the Ride' - I took a plain gift bag and used some paper from our kraft wedding mambiSHEETS™ paper pad, added the sticker and done.  A great way to personalize a wedding or shower gift.  

4.  'Hello life' - Added this cute purple foil sticker to my phone case!  What a cute touch and love how it shines.  

5.  'Today is the best day' - An adorable way to use these is on scrapbook pages!  Stephanie Buice put it on vellum and matted it on a doily on her scrapbook page, so adorable!

6.  'Be awesome today' - Yes, decorating laptops is a great way to use these jumbo stickers.  PC or mac, a great use!  This is my laptop, I might be a little obsessed with the color combo, I just LOVE it.

7.  'Love yourself more' & 'It's a NEW day' - Stephanie Fleming has some of the stickers on her bathroom mirror to inspire her day and night.  I love this idea and definitely putting some on mine!  

8.  'Be mindful' - Need a reminder to be mindful?  I do... and I need it on my fridge!  It's where I go too much!  Pretty and useful, the green foil is perfect for me right now since it's March!

9.  'Love is Enough' - A card!  Using these on cards make such a statement.  

10.  'I love my life' - Another great scrapbook page by Stephanie Buice.   

11.  'Hello Life' - I simply put this awesome green foil sticker on the front of an album, so cute and such a great title!  Could even make for a great cover page or first page in your album.  

12.  'Today is a perfect day for a perfect day' - Made this adorable little sign for my office door.  Love the saying and hopefully it will remind me daily that it IS the perfect day for a PERFECT day.  

13.  'Today I am happy' - Framing these is a great idea also, this one was cut to fit in the frame and it works perfectly as a fun room decor.

14.  'Today is a gift' - Put it on your spiral binder, your notepad.  Spice up all folders you have laying around.

15.  'Good things are going to happen' - Purple foil to me screamed ... frame me!  I love how it glistens since it's framed near a window.  

16.  'Today' & 'Anything is possible' - Jumbo stickers are a great way to decorate your dry erase boards.  The stickers don't leave residue so you can change it up in a few months if you change your mind.

17.  'Be the good' - I put this one on my window at work.  A great reminder in eyes view.  

18.  'Every day is a gift' - Great sticker for a 'gift' bag or just a reminder.  Just add a colorful piece of paper and this sticker and it's a no themed gift bag that's ready to go anytime you need to give a present.  

Hope you like some of the ideas, I had fun with all of these.  What are you using yours on?  Go get some at Michaels already!  Happy crafting.