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As some of you may know from reading the header of this web page, the motto over at me & my BIG ideas is 'live creatively' and today we're coming at you with the fourth post of this blog series called 'living creatively with...' 

Today's creative discussing what the mambi motto 'live creatively' means to her is Alisa [uh-lee-suh] Brainard. Everyone here at mambi calls her Ali.

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How long have you worked at mambi, and what is your role?

I have been working at mambi for just under two years.  I am one of the designers and I have the very awesome job of brainstorming, creating, and designing all the amazing products. Some make it into the stores, and some never see the light of day, but I am always so amazed that I get to be creative all day! I am excited to keep learning and growing! 

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What does the mambi motto "live creatively" mean to you?

To me "living creatively" means seeing things in a different way. Finding inspiration in the ordinary. One does not have to be 'artistic' to be creative.  Living creatively gives us permission to try new things, to try and see something in a new and different way. For me, I get to apply that to things I am passionate about, like paper and patterns and fun embellishments so others can use them to live in their own creative lifestyle.

In what aspects of your life would you say you live or have lived creatively?

Other than it being my full-time job, I always try to pursue and keep a lookout for things that inspire me: taking a walk outside, going somewhere new, or taking a second look at older stuff.  Also, I think a passion-project you do on the side is always essential to living creatively. For me, I love documenting my life, so I'm constantly updating a planner that I created for myself with pictures, mementos, and notes. Along with taking weekend workshops and attending craft fairs, I am always trying to stay inspired and I love seeing what's new and what people get excited about.

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How would you like to live more creatively, or any advice to others seeking to live more creatively?

I am so eager to grow creatively! Right now, I'm trying to practice my on my writing and lettering.  I'm not the best, but I'm persistent; I really think that's what it comes down to. Don't be scared something is going to turn out wrong. Try it anyways. Painting, writing, cooking: they're all going to give you a different perspective on things. Incorporate creativity in the everyday moments. Look up at the sky, instead of down at your phone. Write things down and switch up your routine every once in awhile. The outcome will most likely have a positive impact.

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