When Amanda's away... Pt. 3


Hey Planner Babes! 

I’m Chantelle! Customer Happiness Specialist here at me & my BIG ideas!

I love getting to talk to all of you each day, whether it’s through email, by phone, or commenting back and forth on my Instagram page! This is me! It is my hope that this guest blog post will help you put a face-to-the-name, e-mails, and phone calls. 

I'm not 'tied down' just yet! Between my husband, two dogs, and myself things are a bit more relaxed, and thankfully my schedule isn't very strict. With that being said, the way I use my Happy Planner may be a bit different than most. I prefer to use my planner as a creative outlet, with an occasional appointment 'thrown in' here and there.

I LOVE my Happy Planner! The pages are nice and thick, and can hold up to whatever I (literally) throw at it. I not only decorate my planner with washi and stickers, but often use watercolor, and most recently have taken to heat embossing. When we say the “possibilities are endless,” when it comes to this planner, we aren't joking! They truly are! Your own creativity is your only limit.

The Happy Planner has sparked creativity all throughout my life. When I make a new plan my thoughts aren't, "let me write this down in my planner so I don't forget," but rather, "how can I decorate my day, highlighting this awesome adventure?!" After all that time, energy, and love has been invested into my Happy Planner pages, there's no possible way of forgetting! I'm in love. 

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