(last but not least) When Amanda's away... Pt. 4

Q&A with me & my BIG ideas Designer,  Alisa Brainard 


It’s Hannah here! I know, I know… Y'all were probably expecting Stephanie’s younger sis, Lauren, but sadly she is not able to join us on this blog-takeover-kick… Not because she didn’t want to, no way, no way! Lauren has been SUPER busy working to bring you THE best. Lauren, along with the Designers and Product Development Team, are currently in the process of choosing the designs for next years Happy Planners. Let me tell you, they are SO stinkin' cute! #hearteyesfordays!

Some amazing things are coming your way! You don’t want to miss out, so keep your your eyes and ears peeled!

OKAY... So let's continue here! 

So... Rather than talking about myself again, I want to officially introduce you to one of my very close friends, fellow planner babe, co-worker and artistic inspiration, Alisa Brainard. Alisa is one of the most talented people I know. Her lettering blows my mind, her creative mind is so sharp, and her ideas are fresh. She carries herself with a lovely balance of confidence and humility, which is very evident in the work she displays. She has inspired me to live creatively, to embrace my true authentic self, and to enjoy the process. She is a true example to me, in my everyday life, as well as in the workspace. What I'm trying to say here is... She's R A D.

I thought it would be fun to have a very short Q&A. Three simple questions, but fun thoughts we would all LOVE to know! So, here we go! 

Question: What is your favorite thing about The Happy Planner™?

Answer: I LOVE how customizable it is!  It makes it feel like each one is different, even though they are all designed similarly,  I feel like there are no two planners alike.  

Question: How has The Happy Planner™ impacted your life and/or planning life?

Answer: It’s made planning and memory keeping feel so much more fun, and not this “task” that HAS to be done. I’m excited to plan out my week. I’m excited to document and print off pictures as soon as I can, and the Planner Babes are so awesome and supportive. 

Question: What is one piece of advice and/or encouragement you would give to a fellow Planner Babe?

Answer: Find what you love and make The Happy Planner totally yours.  There are so many different ways to use it. Look around on the different social media outlets where the awesome planner community comes together to share their awesome ideas. Use it to express your most creative side. Don’t be ashamed to have more than one, we’re all on that level too!

I told you she’s awesome! Short and sweet, I love it. Thank you, Alisa!

Follow Alisa on IG: madeincali49 

Website: www.alisabrainard.com