When Amanda's away... Pt. 2

And now it’s my turn!

Your success and happiness lies in you. Resolve to keep happy and your joy and you shall form an invincible host against difficulties.
— Helen Keller

Hey everyone! I’m Hannah Joy Schwartz, marketing assistant here at me & my BIG ideas. People often ask, “Is your name ‘Hannah’ or ‘Hannah Joy’?” After I tell them “It’s just Hannah!” they often follow with the question, “Oh! Then why do you use your middle name so often?” Well, I'll tell you… I really love my middle name! (Thanks Mom!) Daily I strive to be joyful in ALL circumstances. Life is too short to let life’s lows get ya down. I know, easier said than done. Let’s be real… We are ALL human, and fall short each day. There is a reason why this is a daily (did ya get that… D A I L Y) goal of mine. Because it’s not easy. Life is also too short NOT to live in the moment and appreciate the good times. 

You wanna know why I LOVE The Happy Planner™!? Because it gives me SO much JOY! (*Cue the music* I bust into song: ‘Joyful Joyful’ from Sister Act 2! If you don’t know it, you better get on that. It will change your life.) 

ANYWAYS… Let’s get back to the point here. The Happy Planner™ has given me so much joy and has only enhanced my life. As of July 20th, 2016, I reached my one year anniversary mark with me & my BIG ideas. These last 365 days, consumed by all things HAPPY and PLANNING, have literally filled my heart I could burst! Not simply because of the pages these super cute heart-cut discs hold, but rather what the piece itself stands for. Happiness, joy, positivity, creativity, living your life to the fullest, and beyond. 

An organized life is a joyful life. And the most happy way to be organized is The Happy Planner™. With so much life has to offer, we have to stay on track to soak it ALL in! Thanks to The Happy Planner™, I AM a HAPPY planner!

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