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So much crafty viewing pleasure happens when you look up the #meandmybigideas hashtag on instagram! (TIP: make sure to spell 'and' since hashtagging doesn't register the ampersand '&' symbol.) 

Today I'm excited to give you a round up of instagram images featuring all kinds of ways to use the jumbo mambiSTICKS clear stickers.

They are some of my favorite mambi products to date. The vibrant colors, the high quality foil and glitter on some of them, and the SIZE.  Size matters, people...especially when you want to make a big, bold statement of positivity! Yes!

...and BONUS: there are limitless ways you can use them.  Stick them on your wall, mirror, door, inside a frame, or above your light switch to create instant, eye-catching DIY decor. Use them to adorn your fridge, laptop, notebook, or phone, and they make a great statement piece to any POCKET PAGES™ layout.

We'd love to see the creative ways you guys are using your #JUMBOmambiSTICKS and your insta might be featured in our next #meandmybigideas on IG post. Also be sure to tag all of your projects and crafts using mambi product with the hashtag #meandmybigideas as well. Hooray and happy crafting!