file cabinet for POCKET PAGES™

I took a little drawer set from Hobby Lobby and converted it to a POCKET PAGES™ storage chest.  It was fun and turned out so cute.  There are so many different styles you can go with.  You can choose anything that matches the decor of your office, home or craft room.  Check out all the different POCKET PAGES™ HERE.

Here's what I did:

1.  Removed pull knobs.

2.  Cut POCKET PAGES™ cards to the size of the front side of the drawers.

3.  Add Mod Podge™ to the front and back of the cards with a paint brush.

4.  Let dry and then add the pull knobs back onto the drawers.  

TIP:  Since the cards are sometimes difficult to get out of the drawers I used the back of the package and cut it a little larger than the 3x4 cards.  I added a ribbon to the back of the larger card and use it to pull the cards up to view them.  I love it!  

And now here is the before and after ...