Jumbo Sticker DIY Binder

Jen Randall and her daughter did a great quick DIY project using the new jumbo stickers. Her daughter needed a new binder for school so they grabbed an inexpensive 1 inch binder and decided to give it a little mambi magic makeover.  It was very "blah" just plain white.  So, they chose a jumbo sticker from the Inspirational pack that they thought would work best.  Then they mounted it on a pretty yellow 12 x 12 sheet from the Mixed Media paper pad, taped that onto an aqua paper from the Cool Kids paper pad to give it some contrast.  Jen's daughter choose the darling white & yellow polka dotted paper from that same pad to use as the base, she has good taste, just like her talented mother.  Jen cut it to the size needed to slip into the binder sleeve easily.  After they put it all together they added some fun sparkly stickers from the Teal & Green chipboard mambiCHIPS.  Finally, they slipped it into the binder sleeve. Now, it's SUPER cute and ready for school!! 

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