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As some of you may know from reading the header of this web page, the motto over at me & my BIG ideas is 'live creatively' and today we're coming at you with the third post of our new blog series called 'living creatively with...' 

Today's creative discussing what the mambi motto 'live creatively' means to her is Lauren Sherwin.

How long have you worked at mambi, and what is your role?

I am Terri’s daughter & Stephanie’s sister, so I have been working here at mambi pretty much since the beginning.  At first I would just help out when my Mom would bring home stickers that needed to be packaged.  I was in high school & always loved the extra spending money!  I think I officially started as an employee in 1999.  I worked in the sales department for a few years and I somehow made my way to Product Development.  Today I work closely with our designers to create products that you see in the marketplace.  I love seeing the final product become ‘real’.

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What does the mambi motto "live creatively" mean to you?

To me live creatively means allowing different ideas to happen.  It means not getting stuck in the same way of doing things, just because ‘that is how we do it’.  When I allow myself to think creatively there are countless possibilities, instead of one ‘right’ way.  I like to incorporate creativity into my daily life.

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In what aspects of your life would you say you live or have lived creatively?

Living creatively is definitely something I try to do! I have a creative soul and I am fortunate that my job does nurture my creativity most of the time, so even if I am not getting to express my creativity how I want to in my personal time, I still have the chance to be creative on a daily basis.

I love getting inspired on Pinterest!  I love doing projects for my home, crafts with my son, trying new recipes, and making homemade gifts.  There are so many fun things to make!  My son, Chase, is 3 so I do have to be a little creative (pun intended) about how I carve out creative time.  Some days I do find time for painting, jewelry making, or journaling…but other (most) days we get creative together.  The last project we did was colorful volcanoes made with egg cartons, baking soda & vinegar.  We both ended up having a great time!  Or we get creative with a meal, try a new recipe or make food into art!   

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How would you like to live more creatively, or any advice to others seeking to live more creatively?

I do sometimes wish I would make my own creative projects more of a priority, or that it would be cool to be one of those Mom’s who gets all crafty after their kids go to bed…but I know that isn’t going to be happening!  I am usually asleep right along with him! 

I am enjoying the everyday creative experiences that we can all share.  Each time Chase & I get creative together I am amazed by what our minds can come up with, and we always have so much fun together!  I love watching the creativity come alive in him!  It reminds me how much we all have inside ourselves!

I know I will have time to get to all the projects I’ve pinned in a few years…for now I am loving finding the everyday creative moments!  Living creatively!

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