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As you may know from reading the header of this web page, the motto over at me & my BIG ideas is 'live creatively'. Today I'm excited to bring you the first post of a new blog series called 'living creatively with...'  A post in this series will feature a creative individual talking about what the mambi motto 'live creatively' means to them.

The first creative we are happily featuring is none other than our very own Stephanie Fleming.

How long have you worked at mambi, and what is your role?

My mom and I started mambi 16 years ago in my garage. It's hard to believe that it's been 16 years already! I am co-owner and Vice President of me & my BIG ideas, but those are just my formal titles.  I wear lots of hats and have many different responsibilities including product development and marketing. I love the excitement of watching new product go from the developmental stage to seeing it in my local craft store.

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What does the mambi motto "live creatively" mean to you?

I am in LOVE with out motto...for real! Living creatively is what makes me feel complete. For me, it's more than just scrapbooking, crafting, or completing a DIY project. It's a way of approaching life. It's about expressing yourself creatively through projects, problem solving, relationships, and letting who you are shine through in all things you do...letting your creatively show and to be uniquely you.  I also love being outdoors...especially the beach.  Much of my inspiration comes when I'm in touch with nature.

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In what aspects of your life would you say you live or have lived creatively?

My job requires me to be thinking creatively all the time. Coming up with the BIG ideas is what we're all about, but sometimes you hit a wall and can't seem to get inspired. Incorporating creativity in my daily life is essential to keep the ideas flowing. One idea leads to another and pretty soon, you're on a roll.  I document my process, projects, and creative life on my personal blog I love blogging.  I'm kind of a blogging nerd. Oh could I forget? I'm also OBSESSED with online classes.  I. MEAN. OBSESSED. I love to learn new things and the instant gratification of online classes is right up my alley! 

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How would you like to live more creatively, or any advice to others seeking to live more creatively?

I need to constantly remind myself to make time for down time, and I don't mean watching TV or getting lost on Pinterest (both of which I love to do).  Step away from the computer, cell phone, and TV more often and let ideas pop into your head.  Write them all down.  You'll start to feel the ideas flow. If we don't make space in our life and minds, it's hard for those BIG ideas to shine through. Start incorporating some of those ideas in your life.  Just do it. Don't wait for perfection. Just go! You'll be so happy you did.

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