CARDS in an INSTANT™ - Thank you!

How many times do you need a thank you note?  I need them all the time.  CARDS™ in an INSTANT™ are just that … cards in an instant!  What better way to say thank you than a handmade card?  You know that will mean so much more.  We have card stock pads that are pre-scored.  All you have to do is rip them out, fold them in half and add your sentiment.  There are lots of options, the 'Thank You' pack is just my favorite.  There in Michaels Stores now!  There are even awesome embellishments with them for that extra special flare, but you don't need to, the cards are awesome … even without them.

I sat down for about 10 minutes, yes, I timed myself, and was able to make 5 cards!  There are six different designs in each package and you get six of each card.  Total of thirty-six cards!!!  Such a great value.  Can you imagine making them all and once and then always having a stash of thank you cards in your desk?  How awesome would that be?  Or even giving them at a shower or party, what a great gift!  

So many options … don't forget to check them all out in Michaels!  They're only there for a limited time.  Happy crafting!