Phone Photography Project

Stephanie & I took a little challenge together and did the Big Picture Classes - The Phone Photography Project.  It's 32 days of Android + iPhone photo challenges, daily inspiration, and app reviews.  

It changed how I looked at things, how I photographed.  Having a challenge was fun and seeing what others did also by searching the class hashtag (#BPCphonephotograpgyclass) on Instagram.  

In this month-long workshop, I had fun with my phone as I documented my summer adventures.  Maybe you could do some of your own.  See some of my challenges below.

I'll share with you my favorite 4 picture challenges.  

Day 1:   Shoot your feet.  Concept of 'from where I stand'.  Thinking about where you're standing isn't always on the top of my priority list.  Look down!  It's interesting all the things you can find.  I captured the art room floor here at mambi.  Colorful, isn't it?  Love the creativity of where I work.  

Day 2:  Monogram Collage.  My assignment was to capture my initials, and myself, then make a collage. It really made me notice letters in my daily routine.  It's interesting what you find and how I now notice letters more than ever.  

Day 11:  Perspective.  Capturing a moment, a perspective.  Looking at something from another point of view.  To this, I decided to show my Instagram family MY point of view.  Doing the social media for me & my BIG ideas involves a lot of phone time.  This is A LOT of what I look at daily and wanted to share it.  

Day 13:  Water.  This assignment was water.  I live only a couple miles from the ocean so on my way home from work I decided to go and capture 'water'.  It was nice taking some time and capturing the beauty out in the world when normally I would have just headed home.  Sometimes you need a challenge to get you out and about.  

You can see more of my photos below and a page from my personal scrapbook that shows my BPC Photography Project.  It was so fun and really changed the way I take photos.  I find myself taking more than just photos of friends and events.  Taking pictures of your surroundings, the details ... it adds so much.