My year in POCKET PAGES™ ... okay, okay so not the entire year, but I got up to May, so I'm pretty impressed with myself!  Stephanie inspired me by doing so much of her year, POCKET PAGES™ style.  Click here for Stephanie's pages.  Stephanie has been categorizing her album by weeks, I do my pages by chronological events and then sometimes do a 'mash-up' page here and there.  

I used our POCKET PAGES™ page protectors & cards ... along with other me & my BIG ideas products.  Just a tip ... when using embellishments such as soft spoken™, you can remove the dimensional foam tape so your book doesn't get too thick!

I started off with New Years in DC and went from there.  Be sure to CLICK on the pictures below and look closely as there are MANY sneak peeks of new products that will be available for sale on our mambi website next month.  I was so excited to get to use them all and show you ... I can't wait for them to be released!  

I'm DETERMINED to get up through July by Friday so stay tuned and check back for the rest.  I'm going to get current on my scrapbooking!