Patterned POCKET PAGES™ cards galore!

One of my favorite things about the POCKET PAGES™ program is the beautiful collection of patterned cards in each themed pack.  I like to use patterned cards to draw attention to a photo or quote.  They add an artistic element without distracting from the main focus of the page.  I like them so much that I use them ALL THE TIME!   So...I have a two great tips for you!

1.  Turn a MAMBI CARDS™ pad into POCKET PAGES™ cards!

Whether you have leftover cards or you just bought a pad for the cool, coordinating patterns, it's easy to trim away and create lots of patterned cards to use in your POCKET PAGES™ page protectors.  From one pad, I cut (48) 3"x4" cards and (24) 4"x6" cards.  That's 72 cards!   If you wanted only 3"x4" get 96! 

2.  Separate patterned cards in your storage container.

I have all my themes separated and labeled and I keep my patterned cards in the front of my storage container (which happens to be a clear plastic shoebox from The Container Store) for quick and easy access.  And, I like to organize them by color...ROYGBIV...because I'm weird that way.  What can I say?  It gives me great pleasure to see them in order. 

Keeping them "front & center" has been a great way to get the most use out of all these awesome cards!  

Hope these quick tips help.  Don't forget to share any tips you have with us!