Chalkboard sticker ideas

Happy Monday!  For today's post, all four of us will be sharing a project that we made using our chalkboard stickers.  We just love these stickers!

And now...for our BIG ideas!  Let's start with TERRI.

My canvas wall project was so simple & easy to make!

I started with a package of four 6”  framed canvas squares that I covered with some colorful paper.  I used scrapbook paper from one of our mambi 12” x 12” paper pads, but most any type of paper will work….I want to try this with newspaper next.

Using the canvas squares as a guide, cut your paper 1” larger on all sides.
Spread a thin layer of MOD PODGE on the back  side of the paper and on the canvas top surface and edges.  Center the paper on the canvas and press with your hands to remove all bubbles.  Notch the corners and wrap paper around edges  & corners of the canvas, folding and pressing to make a smooth surface. This is a bit messy, but it’s easy to wash off.

After the covered canvas pieces were dry, I added a few circles of paper that I cut from the left over paper.  I cut some paper strips that I added around the outside edge of each canvas as borders.  Last, but not least…..I added my mambi Chalkboard stickers. So cute!  To finish off, I brushed a thin layer of MOD PODGE over the entire surface.

I really love the freehand style of these stickers.


Next up....SHELBY.

When I saw the mambi Chalkboard stickers, I just loved the "You are my Sunshine" on the LOVE sheet.  I loved the yellow in it, so bright and cheery.  I took a regular journal and used one of our paper pads to cover the front and back then used strips of paper to create 'rays' of sunshine.  I love how the design on the journal coordinates with the words.  A journal to document all the little stories and sayings of day to day life.  You'd better write it down.  You don't want to forget it!

Now let's see what STEPH has come up with.

I'm really into our POCKET PAGES™ right now.  I just can't stop creating pages.  So when we decided to each do a project with our Chalkboard stickers, I figured out a way to incorporate them into my POCKET PAGES™ album.  And I'm really glad I did. 

All I did was add the stickers to the patterned cards in the themed card packs.  For the 4x6 card, I used a coordinating card and trimmed it to the appropriate size.  I also added one of the stickers directly to one of my photos.  I love the outcome!  More ideas for POCKET PAGES™.  Sweet! 

And last but not least...LAUREN.

Here is my project.  It is a little glass tray to hold your trinkets, jewelry, etc!
I used Mod Podge to adhere the sticker to the back side of the tray.  Once that was a little dry I chose a paper to put behind it.

TIP: It is sometimes easier to use a thinner paper stock when working with Mod Podge…the paper I wanted to use was cardstock.  I misted the cardstock with water to make it more pliable.  This is a great way to reduce the amount of air bubbles.
It was a quick easy project!