Paper mache haunted house


Let's keep the Halloween projects coming!  This haunted house was creatively decorated by one of our talented designers, Suezi Gurzi.  She used a paper mache house from Hobby Lobby.

Screen Shot 2012-10-03 at 9.46.36 AM

Suezi covered the house with our new Halloween paper pad and stickers...also available at Hobby Lobby.

PADX-220 with stickers

Attach paper to the house using any form of adhesive you like.  Mod Podge, Xyron, craft glue, scrapbook adhesive, etc.

Cover one entire side with paper, let dry and then cut out windows using a sharp craft knife.

Don't worry about perfection...once everything is all dry, lightly sand all the edges with sandpaper and then apply ink to the edges with an ink pad.  This will give it a purposefully weathered look.