Spooky antique bottles


It's October 2nd and that means that I can now put up my Halloween decorations.  I was really feeling it a couple weeks ago but decided to hold off until it was officially October. 

SO...now I can show you one of the projects that I was working on a few months ago.  (side note: it's really hard working months, sometimes years, ahead...i want to share everything but can't) 

I LOVE collecting antique bottles from flea markets.  I have many of them that serve no other purpose than making me happy when I look at them.  But then I had an idea.  I used our new Halloween paper pad...


...to create creepy little labels for my bottles.  I just cut up one of our all over prints and ran the pieces through the Xyron machine.  I used repositionable adhesive so that I could remove the labels after Halloween and use the bottles year round.

What I love most about this project was how much I got from just a couple sheets of paper.