Christmas crafting - BIG idea #3


Our designer extraordinaire, Suezi Gurzi, created these whimsical trees and I just love them!  They're perfect for a centerpiece or adorning your mantle.

Wanna make some of your own??  Download the project sheet to find out how!

Download Whimsical Christmas Trees - Project Sheet

OR follow the directions here:


Whimsical Christmas Trees



Suezi Gurzi



12” Tree:

    After choosing four different coordinating papers from pad, trim eight 2” x 12” strips from each pattern.

Note: you will need two pieces of paper for each pattern. Punch along one 12” edge on each sheet with your decorative edge punch then run each strip through the crimper. Measure and mark vertically on cone in 1” increments. Starting at the bottom of the cone, secure your first strip at the bottom 1” measurement with a push pin into the cone. Note: the paper will overhang at bottom. Gather paper as you go and at each gather secure with a push pin. As each strip ends, start the same process with the same paper trying to make it look like one continuous piece per layer. Continue to create each layer the same beginning at the next 1” mark alternating different patterns with each layer. Punch 1” scallop circle and hot glue to the top of the cone.

9” Tree:

    Continue same method for this tree trimming only 7 strips of each patterned paper.

6” Tree:

    Continue same method for this tree, choosing only three coordinating papers and trimming only 6 strips of each patterned paper.

Tree toppers:

    Twist red or green pipe cleaner to measure about 2”. Punch through top of each tree. Choose left over

patterned strips, (one for each tree) accordion fold each and glue ends together. Push center flat to create a full circle flower. Using glue gun, glue center together to maintain it’s form. Punch another scalloped circle and glue in center of flower. Glue to pipe clean to create tree topper.



PADX-173, Santa’s Christmas Specialty Paper Pad by me & my BIG ideas

PADX-167, Let It Snow Specialty Paper Pad by me & my BIG ideas

3 Styrofoam cones-12”, 9” and 6” tall

Green and red pipe cleaners

Push pins

Glue gun

Decorative edge punch, 1 ½’ scallop circle punch and crimper

Ruler, scissors and paper trimmer