A Quick Tip : No-Brainer Shamrocks

Quick tip header

Hi everyone!  Hannah here for a quick tip: No-Brainer Shamrocks just in time for St. Patty's Day. 

Step 1: Take a scrap piece of paper

Step 2: Fold the paper in half and draw half heart, cut along line.

Step 3: Using your heart as a stencil draw three hearts using your desired patterned paper.  **The reason why we don't want to use Step 1 and 2 to make our final hearts is because we don't want that pesky crease down the middle of our hearts.

Step 4: Arrange your 3 hearts in a shamrock fashion and use your scraps to cut out a stem.  You're done!

Apply your shamrocks to a card, scrapbook layout, school project, the outside of your kid's lunch bag, or maybe your outfit on March 17th to keep yourself from being pinched!


These MAMBI specialty cardstcok paper pads were used to make our shamrocks, First Bloom and Trick or Treat.