Write a Message of Love


One thing I love about Valentine's Day is that it's still tradition to exchange a handwritten card from one person to another (underneath all the chocolates and roses).  Remember those old fashioned things - letters, the post office, stamps!?  In a day and age when most people email, text, tweet, and everything in between it's really nice to take a breath, grab a pen, and write a note to someone you love in your own handwriting (even if it's chicken scratch!). 

I remember growing up my mom would leave notes for me in my lunch bag or sometimes I'd find a little note lying on my desk or sock drawer.  This Valentine's Day write a love note to your spouse, child, sibling, or special someone.  Our MAMBI envelopes are perfect for the job.  Each pack comes with a variety of different shaped envelopes with cards and in some beautiful designs.  Find them at your local Michael's store.   Hannah 

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