No-Carve Pumpkins

Hannah here for a no-fuss, no-carve pumpkin extravaganza!  A big shout out to Rachel and her roommate for inspriation for these projects.  If haven't got the time to carve your own pumpkins this year don't worry we've got you covered.   Stop by your local market and grab some pumpkins and let us do the rest.  If you can find white pumpkins grab a whole cartful because they're so pretty and fun to work with.  Here are some no-carve pumpkin ideas for Halloween and Thanksgiving.


(Left to Right) [1] White pumpkin decorated with Leaf Embellishements.  Gather leaves in small groups and afix to pumpkin using a straight pin.  [2] Striped orange pumpkin.  Measure and cut Paper Tape to desired length.  Remove backing and adhere to pumpkin.  [3] Thanksgiving bling pumpkin.  Adhere soft spoken™ to pumpkin.  Use a colored highligher to draw flourish and adhere Clear Rhinestones Singles along line.  Further embellish with Holiday Ornament Rhinestones


(Left to Right) [1] Eeeek! pumpkin.  Brush pumpkin with black acrylic paint.  Use a damp paper towel to wipe off excess.  Adhere Eeeek! Rhinestone with Two Spider & Web Rhinestones.  [2] Spooky orange pumpkin.  Brush pumpkin with black acrylic paint.  Be sure to paint in the crevasses and wipe off excess.  Adhere orange Rhinestone Singles in a row down every other section.  [3] Spooky white pumpkin.  Follow [2] direction but use red Rhinestone Singles.