Gift Card Book


Product used for this project: Copper Willow Specialty Paper Pad with Coordinating Cardstock, Holiday Clear Stamp Kit, Copper Willow Leaf Embellishments

Happy Friday!  Hannah here for a project for you.  Recently my friend Albert had a birthday and our group of friends wanted to get him some gift cards.  Some may think that gift cards are impersonal but I don't think so.  There's no reason why it doesn't have to feel personal and from the heart if it's delivered thoughtfully.  I made a gift card book for all of us to include the gift card or our choosing and a handwritten message from each giver.  When I got to the point of actually making the book I ran into a familiar can I make it look masculine?  Have you run into this issue?  Here's how I addressed the problem.

First, I chose colors that were either boyish or gender neutral and created the book.  For the cover I added some light distressing to the letters using ink and a paintbrush.  Behind the letters I crumpled a dark grey banner to make it look less feminine and it also added texture behind the letters. 


Next, for the inside I used an envelope diecut to create envelopes to hold the different gift cards on each page.  The paper I used for the envelopes were the coordinating cardstock found in the back of the Copper Willow specialty pad.  If you don't have an envelope diecut you could always substitute with the envelope that most gift cards already come with.  I cut down more coordinating cardstock to a 4"x4" square for space for a personal message from each giver.  The squares were stamped on the edge to bring some detail to the page.  Lastly, I embellished using our Copper Willow leaf embellishments that come in felt, glitter, and patterned chipboard leaves.