A Quick Tip : Cable Management

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Happy Friday everyone, Hannah here for a quick tip!  Recently I've had to venture behind my computer to unplug a specific cable.  Have you ever peeked behind there?  It's a mess!  Once I got on the floor and behind my computer tower I couldn't figure out which cable was the right one to unplug!  If you were to take out all your computer cables it might look a little something like this:


I'd consider myself computer savvy but I don't know what each cable looks like on both ends.  Do you?!  Our tip today is: >>Cable Management<< using our paper tape.  Pictured at the top are new

paper tape

designs from our

Copper Willow and Holiday collections

found at Jo-Ann stores.  Today I'll be using the Holiday paper tape...really beautiful!


Our paper tape comes with 4 different designs and 4 different widths.  A very nice thing about the tape is that it comes with a paper backing that when removed exposes the adhesive back.  This is great because you will be able to measure and cut the paper tape without having to worry about it sticking to itself (see below). 


Cut about 1.5" for each cable end.  Wrap paper tape on both ends of the cable to easily identify it's other end when it's connected to your computer.  Allow for about an inch of tape to wrap on itself to make sure it's secure and anchor it with a small piece of tape.  If you have more than 4 cables connected to your computer you could always get the Copper Willow paper tape with different designs or create a double row of paper tape you have to differentiate.