Flowers & French Fries for Labor Day!

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Happy Friday everyone!  Hannah here for a project and holy cow it's gonna be a long weekend and I think we all deserve it!  For many of us it's the last fling before the kids hit the books in full gear and it's a good-bye to summer.  If you're staying local it means hosting a picnic or attending a friend's picnic.  Whether you're the host or the attendee we have a project for you!  All the papers in this post are from our

Animal Kingdom Specialty Paper Pad


  You can find this pad at Jo-Ann stores!  Happy Labor Day everyone!


For the attendee:

Bring your host a lovely bouquet of flowers to say thanks.  If you leave the plastic packaging around the bouquet it screams BOUGHT AT THE GROCERY STORE!  [


] Lose the plastic packaging but keep second plastic bag provided by the market to protect the stem ends. [


] Place a damp paper towel in the protective bag and rubber band it closed at the top. This will protect your paper and keep your flowers fresh. [


] Wrap your bouquet with a sheet of 12"x12" specialty paper, tie with a ribbon. [


] Viola!


For the host:

Here's a cute and easy way to dress up your buffet table by displaying finger food fare such as french fries or chips served with your picnic in a colorful way.  These handy cones will be fun and easy for the kids and adults to walk around and chat while still holding on to a treat.  [1] Cut your specialty paper to 6"x6" squares.  Of course you could do a bigger square as well.  To protect the paper from grease or moisture line the cone with wax paper, cut to same 6"x6" size.  [2] Stack the specialty paper and wax paper.  Wrap edges to create a cone.  Tape secure.  [3] Fill your cones with fries, candy, popcorn, chips, veggies, anything!  [4] Viola!