Happy Memorial Day!


Happy Friday and Happy Memorial Day!  Hannah here for a Memorial Day project.  Today's project is a shout out to all the kid's tables we ever sat at and were drab and boring.  This Memorial Day when you have your BBQ picnic remember the kids with fun table settings and cups. 

Pre-setting the kids table can become a game for the children to find their own name and setting.  This is also a way for you to keep rowdier kids from sitting with each other and getting into trouble.  Placing children's names on their cups will help kids keep track of their own cup and prevent kids from accidentally sharing cups and spreading germs.  Here's how you can start!



Surfshop Specialty Cardstock paper pad

hot glue gun, glue, xacto knife, double-sided tape/xyron machine


1. Choose paper for the place mat, cut down to 12x12".  Trace a 2" circle on the back of paper and use an xacto knife to cut out.  Keep the circle connected to the paper by leaving a tab on the bottom of the circle.  Fold circle up to crease the tab.  Write child's name in the middle of the circle. 


2. Cut a strip of paper that is 1.5" wide and 12" long.  Accordion fold this strip, it doesn't have to be perfect!


3. Adhere the ends of the strip together, making sure the pleats continue. 


4. Carefully press down on the top edges until the accordion paper is flat.  Put a bead of hot glue in the center to keep the paper from popping open. 


5. Adhere to the back of the circle on the place mat.  (Remember to tape down your place mats to the table so they won't blow away)


6. Cut another 2" circle and adhere to a party cup with the name of the child. 


Super easy to put together and it makes you look like a crafting rockstar!  I hope you enjoy this project and have a wonderful Memorial Day!