All Your Eggs in One Basket

Hi everyone!  Hannah here for an Easter project.  There is no sweeter scene than little kids looking for brightly colored eggs in their best spring time clothes.  Too cute.  What better pairing than to make handmade Easter egg baskets that would perfectly match such a wonderful afternoon with the kids.  



Flower Patch specialty cardstock pad

plastic food container (the size you want your basket to be)

double-sided tape, stapler, glue, ribbon

Easter eggs, basket grass


1. Choose your pretty paper and cut in to even 1" strips.  The plastic container will help us make the shape of the basket.  Measure the bottom of your plastic food container and see how wide the bottom is.  Mine was 4".  Prep the bottom of your paper basket by weaving the appropriate number of strips.    


2. Place a dot of glue on the ends of each the strips to anchor the base of the paper basket. 


3. Turn your woven paper over and place the plastic food container on top.  Place a strip of double-sided tape along the lip of the food container and adhere the ends of the paper strips to the tape.  This will help us weave the side strips.  


4. Remove the plastic container and release the strips from the double-sided tape.  Finish off the top of the basket by stapling down the edges.  Next, take a wide ribbon and cover the staples with the ribbon.  Adhere with glue or xyron your ribbon to make them adhesive on one side. 


5. Punch holes on the side and attacha ribbon handle.  Fill with basket grass and that's it!


I hope your enjoy this project and that you have a wonderful Easter!