Life Imitating Art

Happy Friday!  It’s Hannah here with a project for you.  Well, it’s more of an idea.  I get catalogs all the time in the mail.  One that I look forward to getting is the J.Crew catalog.  It’s filled with clothes I can’t afford but more than that it’s filled with inspiration.  Not just inspiration for outfits but for scrapbooking too!  “WHAT?”, you say.  YES! 


I took a page from the catalog and used it as inspiration for a scrapbook layout.  I borrowed the color palette (pale rose, burnt orange, denim blue, touches of gold) and some of graphic elements (flowers, circles).  It might be hard to see but her shirt has stripes so I took that pattern idea by adding patches of paper stripes to the layout.  The jeans the model is wearing comes with paint splatters so I transferred that painterly quality with some paint blotches of my own using metallic acrylic paint on the paper.


Can you see the similarities?  The catalog page serves as a very loose blueprint that you can add your own personal style to.  This is a great tool for visual people who need to see how colors and elements will interact with each other before cutting and gluing their own supplies.  

The "LIFE" rhinestone piece and the clear flower embellishments are from our new Nest Family embellishments collection


If you’re in a creative rut this might be the thing for you!  Give it a try this weekend!