A Quick Tip


Happy Friday everyone!  It's Hannah here for a quick tip!  Today we'll be talking about glue.  Sexy topic, I know.  :D  This is in no way an extensive post on glues but just one simple tip on the subject with many more to come on different topics!

It's hard to know which kind of glue to use unless you give it a shot but that might getexpensive to buy a large bottle of glue only to find that it's not what you needed. Which leads me to my quick tip:

>> Buy a trial pack if you can <<

Most of us already know the Aleene's brand simply by the look of their famous gold-colored tacky glue bottle (bottle on right) but did you know that they make other types of glue too?  Our Art Director, Renée, introduced me to the truly wide world of Aleene's brand glues (there are even more than these shown!). 


But standing in the aisle of your favorite craft store, how do you know which bottle to get? I certainly didn't.  If you look harder and if your craft store loves you, you'll find a trial pack size for purchase!!  Genius idea, Aleene's!


This trial pack includes a mini bottle of their "Fast Grab" tacky glue, "Quick Dry" tacky glue, and "Clear Gel" tack glue.  This trial pack will be a perfect buy at the right price to test these three glues to see which will fit your need. 

Hannah's Opinion:

Feel free to disagree but here's my take on the trio.  After using the trial pack I really liked using the "Clear Gel" for general paper to paper purposes, it's become my go-to glue.  For the other glues let's use a project as an example for their use:


For this paper flower, I'd stack the paper flowers together with the "Quick Dry" tacky glue in between layers.  If you're using loose rhinestones or if you find that you have a stone that has lost its sticky back I'd use the "Fast Grab."  For things like gluing ribbon on paper I'd stick with the "Clear Gel" (pun intended!).  Another thing I'd recommend is once you're ready to buy the bigger bottle of whatever glue you like, simply re-fill the trial size bottle.  The smaller bottle is easier to manage than a monster-sized bottle.

Find out how to make this flower, here.  I used our Sassy specialty cardstock paper pad for the flower.