A Housewarming Gift from the Heart


Hi everyone!  It's Hannah with a project I'd like to share with you.  My friends, the Peshke Family, have been working on their new house for a while.  Long hours and elbow grease have been put in renovations for the house to become a home.  I wanted to get them something special when they actually move in.  But what to get them?  I thought making a 12x12" scrapbook page and placing it in a shadow box frame would be a really special and personal gift. 

I used our new Nest family embellishment collection.  What a perfect collection to turn to for a family-focused page.  I happen to have a family picture of them so then I grabbed the Chipboard and Clear Embellishments, the Enclosure Soft Spoken™ from the Nest collection, and of course a pack of clear rhinestones.  Here's how the page turned out.


Here are some close-ups of how I used the embellies!


This piece was made stacking two Clear Embellishments and punching eyelet through both to make a customized flower.  You can't do that with chipboard pieces!  Rhinestones were added on top


This is a combination of Chipboard and Clear Embellishments and rhinestones.  I like how the Chipboard embellies make a big statement but the Clear embellies are just a subtle touch (some come pre-glittered like this pink flourish) that allow for the background to still peak through.


This piece is from the Enclosure Soft Spoken™.  It's a foiled envelope with a note card that comes out!  How cute is that?!  Really cute! :D

I found an awesome shadow box at Target that was 12x12", perfect!  I popped in the page and viola!  What a great finishing touch.  Great for hanging or on a mantel.  Congrats to the Peshke Family on their first home!