The Evolution of a Page Layout


Hi everyone!  It’s Hannah here for another project.  Many of us have pictures of our loved ones that we proudly display on our desks or walls.  What if you were to do the same thing with a page layout?  I thought I’d make a small page layout and display it on a simple table-top easel. 

For this project I used paper from our Fashion District value pack paper pad.  The Soft Spoken™ and rhinestones are from our new Nest family embellishments collection.  The scroll rhinestone piece is so killer!  My fav...


When I work on a new project I start with an idea but when I’ve got all the elements in front of me sometimes my ideas change. I knew I wanted an area for journaling and I wanted to layer the “Love” piece with our lovely scroll rhinestone but I wasn’t sure about how to arrange everything together.  This ever happen to you?

I decided I couldn’t commit to sticking the Soft Spoken™ pieces on thepaper without fiddling around with the arrangement first.  I cut the acetate with the Soft Spoken™ pieces still attached.  This way I could arrange the pieces freely but still be able to change my mind.  Here are the Soft Spoken™ cut and ready for some arranging action!


Here are some layouts that I considered all with the freedom of being able to move the embellishments without sticking them down permanently. 


I had a lot of fun considering different layouts without stress thanks to leaving the acetate backing on the Soft Spoken™ and rhinestone scroll.  And in the end I have a layout that I can proudly display on my desk at work. This is the layout that I ended up with.  Check out our new

Nest collection

and have a wonderful day!