love is in your future!


Hi everyone!  This is Hannah with a guest project just in time for Valentine's Day! 

Who doesn't love to receive a sweet little note or an encouragement?  This is definitely something we all could do for one another every day of the week not just on Valentine's Day.  This project is making a Valentine Fortune Cookie Box!  Next time you order take out ask for an extra to-go box (the biggest one you can get).  This will serve as your container.  Of course, you could always go and buy one too.  The paper I'm using our Sassy Specialty Cardstock paper pad – so SASSY and cute. 



Sassy Specialty Cardstock paper pad (or any mambi coordinating paper pad of your choice)

XL take out box

circle template, Zip Dry glue, drinking glass, bobby pins, paper trimmer, scissors

tissue paper, MAMBI rhinestone singles (optional)


1. Choose your papers.  It's a specialty paper pad so take advantage of all the different specialty papers!

2. Cut out your circles. I used a 4" diecut but use the bottom of a coffee can, for example, to trace and cut.


3. Next take a coordinating paper and cut strips to make the fortune that goes inside.  I made mine .75" wide and 3.5" long so they would tuck in my 4" circle.  Write your fortune messages.  Be creative!  Here are some examples:


4. Next, it's time to make our cookies.  Grab your drinking glass and one circle.  Hold opposite corners but don't fold in half.  Carefully press the center of the circle over the edge of a glass to indent the paper.  Once it's made an indentation finish folding over the corners with your fingers.  I found if you press too far on the glass you'll often get lop-sided cookies. Repeat with the rest of the circles.


5. Next, open up your cookie and place your fortune inside. 


6. Now it's time to glue the cookie closed.  Grab your bobby pins and Zip Dry glue.  Close your fortune cookie with fortune inside and put a bead of glue in the middle of the area of the cookie that touches when closed.  It'll want to snap back open so take your bobby pin and pin it closed until the glue dries.

(note: Zip Dry is clear but I used white glue so you could see it in the picture better.)


7. Grab your take out box, tissue paper, and finished fortune cookies and you're ready to wrap!  I blinged out one special fortune cookie and placed it on the bottom.  Check our MAMBI rhinestone singles.  Decorate your take out box with ribbon and rhinestones if you like too!


I hope you like this project and give it a try.  Tell someone you care about that you love them today!