mambi christmas party pics


So, I'm sitting back at the office after our annual company Christmas luncheon....and I'm still stuffed!  I love this time of year!  Our entire staff gets together for some food, friendship and a white elephant gift exchange.  In the craziness of deadlines, meetings, trade shows and's so nice to take an afternoon to enjoy the season with the people we work with.  And let me tell mambi is just about as awesome as you can get!! 

This year, as in years past, we will close our offices between Christmas and New Year so our staff can spend some well deserved time with their family and friends.  So...only a few more days (and a some long days of inventory and closing the year)....and we're outta here!! 

Here are a few pics from the party....enjoy!

Santa dodo
Shelby & richelle
Me & kev
White elephant
Mona & linda
Manuel and his snuggie