Goal Getter 2018 - FREE Printable - GOALS Worksheet!

Get ready to set your goals + intentions for 2018!

Plan a HAPPY + HEALTHY 2018! šŸ™ŒšŸ¼ #goalgetter2018

Be sure to download your FREE Printable below!

We LOVE fresh starts, pressing re-fresh, and setting NEW goals! These are just some of the few reasons why we are SO excited for the month of December. We are taking advantage and gearing up for the NEW YEAR. šŸŽ‰

For the next THREE Mondayā€™s we will be sharing with you our Goal Getter Series! Stephanie and Hannah will be getting ready for 2018 with YOU, showing you how to customize your Happy PlannerĀ® to set you up for SUCCESS, setting goals with an ACTION PLAN and focusing on SELF-CARE, while nurturing your CREATIVELY! šŸ˜

TODAY is the FIRST video of THREE, and she has A LOT to share with you. Get ready to set goals + intentions! Head over to our Happy PlannerĀ® YouTube Channel to check it out!

You donā€™t want to miss out on all the HAPPY! 

But just one little request from @stephanie_fleming // Use the hashtag #goalgetter2018 so we can SUPPORT + ENCOURAGE each other as we set our minds & intentions on making 2018 the BEST year ever! 

Live CreativelyĀ® + Plan a Happy Lifeā„¢!


JUNE is here! Get ready to be H A P P Y and challenged!

Challenge ACCEPTED. 

H A P P Y mind, H A P P Y life! 

Itā€™s the first week of JUNE and we are so excited that the Summer season it right around the corner! So why not jump right in?! Itā€™s important to put YOU first - mind, body and soul! We are embracing all things Happy PlannerĀ® and not only challenging YOU, but ourselves to live and PLAN a Happy Lifeā„¢. 

Join us in the challenge! Staring tomorrow (Wednesday, June 7th) we are planning to be HAPPY FROM THE INSIDE OUT.

So head over to the Happy PlannerĀ® Instagram (@the_happy_planner) to make sure youā€™re following and playing along, and donā€™t forget to bring a friend!

Make sure to download the attached printable with the IG challenge calendar, and punch it right into your Happy PlannerĀ®.

So letā€™s recap!

    1. Head to IG and follow @the_happy_planner

    2. Download your FREE printable - IG Challenge Calendar!

    3. Start planning and share with your friends!

    4. Participate in the challenge starting TOMORROW (Wednesday, June 7th!)

    5. Use the hashtags #thehappyplannerigchallenge AND #happyfromtheinsideout

    6. HAVE FUN!


We hope you join us!

And donā€™t forgetā€¦ Live CreativelyĀ® and Plan a Happy Lifeā„¢!





 CLASSIC Happy PlannerĀ®

CLASSIC Happy PlannerĀ®