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It all started at a baseball game in 1998, a little conversation that turned into our BIG idea.  Scrapbooking was just beginning to become popular and we saw a need for stickers designed especially for scrapbookers. 

Seattle based artist and long time friend, Kay McConnaughey, helped us create 12 truly unique sticker designs.  The combination proved to be a recipe for success.  Terri (mom) brought invaluable industry experience, leadership and innovative thinking.  Stephanie (yours truly) was brimming with creativity & ideas and understood what our customers wanted. Kay was the trained and talented artist that would bring our ideas to life.

Within minutes of our first trade show, we knew we were onto something BIG. Together, with our amazing team, we continued to use our strengths in design and creative innovation to bring new products to the market.

And very quickly, our little garage-based company grew to be one of the most recognized brands in the industry.  Today, we operate out of our corporate headquarters, a 41,000 square foot building in Southern California and our products are available internationally.

As a mother-daughter team, we (usually) complement each other well.   Mom’s the head...I’m the heart.  She’s the starter...I’m the finisher.  She works with a sense of urgency and gets a lot done...I tend to take longer to get going as I think out every possibility and option.  She likes to delegate...I prefer working alone. We both have more ideas than we know what to do with.  Through the years we’ve learned to respect (and tolerate) our differences and use them to enhance our creativity.

Living creatively has truly become a way of life...and for that we are very grateful!